A turtle swimming in the ocean near Windsong Resort On The Reef

Snorkeling At Our Reef

Get Up Close With Our Underwater Neighbors

Enjoy an underwater wonderland steps from your suite.  

How many four-star resorts in Turks and Caicos are situated on one of the world’s most acclaimed beaches and have the unique distinction of a snorkeling reef just steps from their oceanfront accommodations? Only Windsong Resort offers guests the convenience of an underwater wonderland directly behind the resort and just a snorkeling swim from the shore.

Without having to take a boat ride excursion or walk a long distance to a remote beach, Windsong guests can -- on a moment’s notice -- see turtles climbing and diving gracefully, tropical fish darting in and out of colorful coral, and stingrays hovering just above the ocean floor 20 feet below. Best of all, with snorkeling gear provided at the Windsong beach stand, guests can enjoy this beauty every day of their Turks and Caicos vacation, as many times a day as they desire. 

Dolphin swimming in the ocean near Windsong Resort On The Reef

The third-largest coral reef system in the world

Windsong’s beaches also border the Princess Alexandra Marine Park, the playground of “Jojo” the famous bottlenose dolphin. And since the Turks and Caicos have the third-largest coral reef system in the world, the region is highly regarded for its crystal-clear coral reefs. Healthy reefs translate into lots of fish, and the clear water makes them easy to see, thus, snorkelers and divers love the Turks and Caicos. These reefs offer an added benefit by preventing the deep ocean water from entering Grace Bay, so the temperature never gets too cold. With Mother Nature’s many bounties, it is no wonder that guests return to Windsong and Turks and Caicos year after year. They have discovered that exploring the Windsong reef makes for fun-filled Caribbean snorkeling vacations and lasting memories.