Repeat Guest Program

Returning guests can book direct by phone or email to receive 10% off our Featured Rate. See our Repeat Guest Program details below. 

Terms and conditions

Note: If your reservation dates fall into both "Standard Reservation" time periods and "Holiday Reservation" time periods, they are subject to the "Holiday" period reservation and cancellation policies. See Terms and Conditions/Reservation Policies. Reservations are not final until the Windsong Reservation Department issues a confirmation via e-mail. 

Booking Window:                   Anytime

Discount and Perks:               10% off Featured Rate.  Not combinable. Guests must be verified by Windsong as past guests. 

                                                  Addtional Perks 1/3/23 through 12/15/23 (except during holiday periods): 

                                                  Early Arrival--Priority Placement No Charge…up to 2 hours based upon availability on day of arrival

                                                  Late Departure--Priority Placement No Charge…up to 2 hours based upon availability on day of departure

                                                  Upgrade--Complimentary upgrade on day of arrival based on availability, and priority over 3rd party bookings.

Min Stay:                                 1 Day (except during holiday periods)

Cancellation options:             One night room charge if cancellation occurs on or within 1 day of arrival (except during holiday periods)

Prepay:                                     None (except during holiday periods), however, credit card # will be taken. No show penalty will apply. 

Reservation:                             Must book directly with Windsong Reservations only, by phone or email. 

Travel Window:                        Anytime

Advance Purchase:                 1 Day (except during holiday periods)

Applicable Suites:                    All

Blackout Dates:                        None

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.