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Real Estate Development Team

Turks and Caicos real estate project management at its finest

Molter & Company, an award-winning real estate project management firm, leads the development and hotel operations of the Windsong Resort, an outstanding, luxury Turks and Caicos real estate project. The company has emerged as one of the preeminent Turks and Caicos real estate development firms with over two decades of hospitality management experience and over 20 years of real estate development and management in the United States. The firm is well known in South Florida for its successful development, construction and management of multimillion dollar luxury oceanfront home projects and major residential neighborhoods including clubhouses and marinas. While Windsong is recognized in the Caribbean for its success in Turks and Caicos real estate, the firm has also been recognized by the construction industry in the U.S. for its architectural achievements, sensitivity to community and environmental concerns, planning capability, and financial integrity. Most appreciated by home buyers though, is Molter & Company’s commitment to innovative design, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and exceptional customer satisfaction. Like the homeowners in the U.S., Windsong owners benefit from Mr. Molter’s wealth of experience in realizing their Turks and Caicos real estate investment. So too, do vacationers looking for a luxury Grace Bay beach resort in a spectacular island setting.

Architecture and Landscape Design

Peacock & Lewis has blended sophisticated architecture with features appropriate for casual, carefree luxury beachfront living at the Windsong Resort. The company is an internationally renowned firm that has provided a very high standard of integrity and design excellence in the area of architecture and interior design services to communities, organizations, business owners, governments, and individuals since 1961.

Sages and Company in conjunction with Gregory Lombardi Design was selected to design the Windsong landscape plan to complement the casual, tropical island feeling that is paramount in a Grace Bay Turks and Caicos beachfront condo. Each with more than 20 years of experience, Michael Sages and Gregory Lombardi have been providing high-end design for residential and/or commercial projects in Palm Beach, Jupiter Island, Boston, New York and Connecticut.

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