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Caribbean Investment w/ On-Site Management

No Caribbean real estate investment is complete without peace of mind. While you relax within Windsong’s secure environment, an experienced, resort management company oversees the entire Windsong property. While you are off-island, the on-site manager looks after your Caribbean real estate beachfront investment with special attention to maintenance issues or any request you may have. So, while you enjoy the financial benefits of Windsong’s successful rental program, our management team will coordinate every detail and leave you with peace of mind knowing that all is handled professionally and efficiently. As owners of Caribbean real estate at Windsong, you’ll enjoy added assurance knowing that the management office, including all hotel and maintenance operations, is conveniently located in the Windsong Resort reception building. Jim Molter, managing partner of the Windsong Resort, is a “hands-on” developer and hotel operator who has ensured that hotel rental operations are integral to the design, development and management of the Windsong condominium. With two decades of hospitality management experience and more than twenty years of development experience, Mr. Molter brings a wealth of expertise and value to Windsong’s luxury condominium sales and rental businesses.

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