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With a marked Increase in the number of airline travelers and TSA struggling to hire enough screeners, checkpoint delays have caused many Americans to miss their flights. In fact, reported May 12th that nearly 7,000 American Airlines passengers missed their flights in March alone because of delays at TSA checkpoints. While the TSA ramps up the number of employees, travelers can do their part to reduce the inspection time by doing a better job packing their checked luggage. Here’s four simple tips.

TIP 1 Roll clothes and place in rows along the length of the suitcase. TSA officials can more quickly inspect the suitcase content if clothes are ordered in rows. This packing technique also offers an effective way to maximize space. TIP 2 Pack liquids, gels and aerosols that exceed a total volume amount of 3.4 oz. in your checked luggage. This includes bottles of lotion, perfume and tubes of toothpaste. According to the TSA, medications, baby formula and breast milk as well as liquids, gels and aerosols with a total volume amount of 3.4 oz. (or less) may be stored in a quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag and carried on board a plane. All liquids must be declared and inspected. TIP 3 Place footwear in clear bags and place on top of other contents in your luggage. TSA officials may want to check your footwear, so keep these items on top for easy inspection. TIP 4 Spread heavy items such as books around in your luggage instead of in piles in one location.

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