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Drift Spa offers an array of services

Drift clients immerse themselves in ultimate relaxology. Here tension has no place … abandoned in favor of calm and soothing. They can indulge in Surrender, a classic Swedish massage or Harmony, a romantic couples’ massage, or they can choose an opulent hot stone treatment. More than a dozen refreshing facials, masks, scrubs, wraps, and soothers await those ready for special pampering—to feel invigorated during their Turks and Caicos holiday. And, of course a spa experience is not complete without the perfect manicure and pedicure. For those who want the decadence of an ocean side treatment, Windsong’s private Gazebo offers a picturesque setting that captures all of the senses — where breathtaking views, the sound of a gentle surf, and the touch of expert hands offer the ultimate Drift Away experience overlooking Grace Bay. At Drift Spa everything drifts away … leaving only rejuvenation in its gentle wake. To ensure availability, kindly call 649-333-5600 in advance of your desired appointment or, email [email protected] for one or more of the many services offered at Windsong’s Drift Spa.