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Banquet Services Glossary

Windsong is delighted to offer you a variety of choices to satisfy your particular needs, as well as the ability to customize your menu, set up, etc. These options can be found on the following pages. To assist you in the planning process and help you understand some of the food and beverage industry terminology, a short glossary is provided below for your convenience.

Ala Carte: A menu that prices items separately.

Buffet: A service format that allows guests to select from a variety of displayed food choices. It affords guests the opportunity to select the food options and quantities they desire. Generally, the buffet format is less expensive compared to “Table Service” due to the reduced need for servers and associated costs.

Continental Breakfast: “Continental Breakfast” is relatively light fare that consists of a selection of fruits, pastries & breads, assorted juices, and hot & cold beverages. Meeting planners often select this fare because of the reasonable price and ease of service. Conversely, Breakfast Buffet menus may provide a more extensive food selection as well as offering hot entrees.

Du Jour: This is a French phrase for “Of the Day”; such as “soup du jour” or soup of the day.

Hors d’oeuvre: The French culinary term “Hors d’oeuvres” can be described as a light pre-meal snack used to stimulate the appetite of diners prior to the main meal. Hors d’oeuvres are normally provided at various types of receptions to achieve the above purpose as well as keep guests occupied as arrival times of all guests are varied. The duration of hors d’oeuvres service is often limited to an hour on most occasions to provide adequate time for all guests to arrive prior to the main meal.

Hosted Bar: As the term implies this type of bar is “hosted” by an individual and/or single entity e.g., an organization, club etc. Beverage consumption is free of charge to attendees as the designated “host” of the event is responsible for payment for all beverage sales, taxes and service charge at the conclusion of the banquet. A quote for this service by the hour is also quite common. A bar “set-up” fee and a guaranteed minimum number of attendees is required to initiate this process. 

Non-Hosted Bar: This type of bar is in essence the opposite of a Hosted Bar venue. There is no designated “host” responsible for paying the bill at the conclusion of the banquet. Rather, individual guests pay for their drinks upon receipt from the bar staff personnel. As with Hosted Bars, a fee is assessed for the initial set-up of the bar along with a minimum number of attendees. In situations where the required minimum attendance is not met, our additional set up charge is applied to help offset our costs. Unlike Hosted Bars, gratuities are at the discretion of each patron utilizing bar service. Traditionally, a tip container (often a glass jar) is placed atop of the service bar for patrons to deposit their tips.

Inclusive Rate: Unless otherwise noted all prices contained herein are quoted on a plus, plus basis. However, on occasion, quotes are stated as Inclusive. This type of quote is common for snacks and specialty items. In the food and beverage industry the term “Inclusive” refers to the inclusion of gratuity or service charge as well as the applicable government taxes into the quoted rate. The amount of gratuity is based on a percentage of the value of the meal excluding taxes. Presently, the service charge is 18 percent. To illustrate, if the value of a snack is $10.00, the gratuity would be $1.80 and the applicable tax would be $1.10. Therefore, the “inclusive” rate would be $10.00 + 1.80 + 1.10 = $12.90 “Per Person.”

Per Person: Typically refers to a rate quote based upon a single unit or individual served, thus the term “per person.” 

Plated Service: A dining format in which the service staff serves guests each course separately but in a special order to guests. To illustrate, the serving order for a relatively basic menu consisting of only three courses would be served as follows: First Course: Tossed Salad; Second Course: Main Entrée including Hot Vegetables; Third Course: Dessert. The number of courses required within any specific menu is entirely up to each client’s need and personal preferences. 

Plus, Plus or ++: A term used to indicate the amount quoted will be subject to additional charges for tax and service charge. The term ++ and “exclusive of’’ also refers to this pricing structure. Here at the Windsong Resort, a plus, plus quote will be subject to an additional government tax (currently 11%) and an 18% service charge. All our quotes are plus, plus unless specifically stated otherwise.

Snacks: Snacks are relatively light offerings usually displayed on a refreshment table to be consumed during meeting breaks. 

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